was established in 2002 and has become one of the leading pyrotechnics companies in Nigeria. Since its incorporation, it strives to offer their clients the wide range of quality display fireworks, such as, cakes roman candles, assorted cakes, rockets, display shells, fountains, sparklers, weels, smokeless products, toy fireworks fire crackers etc. we are readily accessible to most corporate clients, private and public event generally.
Nebula pyrotechnics has engaged in a variety of fireworks related projects and services. Notable events we have handled can be viewed here.
  • Class display fireworks
  • Class consumer fireworks, indoor and stage fireworks
  • Confetti, Streamer effect and festival products
  • Fireworks material and equipments Fireworks displaying services
Nebula pyrotechnics limited has one of the highest safety records in the industry (Approved / standard HSE), with a professional seasoned staff and over many years of experience in all types of weather conditions and sites.