About Us
Nebula pyrotechnics limited was established in 2002 and has become one of the leading pyrotechnics company in Nigeria. Since its beginning, it strives to offer their clients the wide range of quality display fireworks, such as, cakes roman candles, assorted cakes, rockets, display shells, fountains, sparklers, weels, smokeless products, toy fireworks fire crackers etc. we are readily accessible to most corporate clients, private and public event generally.

Over the years, having developed extensive competence and vast capacity in fireworks, we have been involved in several major public events in Nigeria consistently delivering qualitative service. Our companies' strength lies in the team of experienced pyrotechnicians carefully brought together, possessing very qualitative training enhanced through well-rounded and international continuous professional training programmes, in addition to the contribution of our support staff.
The cornerstone of our service is an extensively broad based knowledge of past jobs and being abreast with the industry trend worldwide. Adopting an integrated multidisciplinary approach, we structure, implement and approach all jobs in a holistic and proactive manner with safety to support the development and enjoyment of our numerous clients.

Over the years, our company has succeeded in staying ahead in delivery of qualitative pyrotechnics services in Nigeria by providing innovative, client-oriented services, thereby building a fulfilling relationship. This is accomplished using state of the art tools, with the highest degree of professionalism and ethical standards, without compromising efficiency and quality service. This way, we have the distinguishing features of quicker response and turnaround time of engaged jobs.

Nebula pyrotechnics limited has one of the highest safety records in the industry (Approved/standard HSE), with a professional seasoned staff and over many years of experience in all types of weather conditions and sites. It would be our great honor to provide you with our quality products and excellent services which has been established by the company in stability and long term business relationship with clients at home and abroad.